Wild Elephant Loves Mangoes So Much Hilariously Climbs 5 Feet Wall To Steal Some

Image credits: Kennedy News / Ian Salisbury

Elephants are known to eat a range of fruits such as apples, bananas, melons, and pineapples, but did you know that these sweet giants also enjoy mangoes? In fact, they have a sweet spot for these delectable tropical fruits and are willing to go to great lengths to obtain what they desire.

Image credits: Kennedy News / Ian Salisbury

After being recorded going over a 5-foot wall to pick mangoes from the Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, a high-spirited elephant has gone viral recently. Despite the fact that elephants are known for being lazy and laid-back, this amusing tusker proves that when they set their minds to something, they can be remarkably agile despite being the largest mammal on land.

Image credits: Kennedy News / Ian Salisbury

Of course, everyone’s attention is drawn to the adorable elephant’s entertaining show since he decided to act in broad daylight. His entire illegal deed was caught on camera and shown to the entire globe.

Although all of the elephants at the Mfuwe Resort visit the safari lodge in search of mangoes on a regular basis, this amusing boy stands out since he is the first to scale the wall instead of taking the main path. Not to mention that the unfortunate animal is a little late, considering mango season in that part of the world runs from October to December.

Image credits: Kennedy News / Ian Salisbury

“He just took the most direct route and put himself at home,” recalls Ian Salisbury, general manager of Mfuwe Lodge. “The concept of a climbing elephant thrilled the guests much. They couldn’t believe it took so much effort to get over such a high wall. We had never met him before. He wanted to look into it. He desired to enter the centre area, where there is a large mango tree.”

Image credits: Kennedy News / Ian Salisbury

We don’t know if the playful child will be able to reach his goals, but one thing is certain: he has captured the hearts of both tourists and innumerable fans on social media.

Salisbury says, “He came and stretched out, looked around, ate a little grass, then weirdly turned around and came back the same way, which was rather entertaining.” “The quickest way to get there was to scale this high wall. Climbing so high is a really unusual activity for an elephant.”

Let’s take a peek at the humorous scene:


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