Adorable Photos Of Bees Sleeping Inside On A Flower


They’re well-known as buzzing workers who flit from blossom to bloom, but they, too, require beauty sleep!

Joe Neely, a wildlife photographer, just got this gorgeous photo of two bees snuggling in a flower, revealing a side of them that we rarely see.

Joe said, talking to Bored Panda: “The story behind these photos [begins when] me and my fiancé Niccole went out to find poppy flowers. On the way back we saw this patch of pink flowers just off the highway, so we stopped to take some photos.”

He continued: “Niccole was shooting this orange Globe Mallow plant that was hidden inside all of these pink flowers, and she heard the bees buzzing about. Then she notices that some of the flowers had bees in them, but they were not moving.”

“More bees appeared when I came over and watched it for a while. All of the empty blooms were quickly filled, and this one bee was left out. She crept over to the open bloom and climbed inside with the other. I stood there watching as he lurched around, almost drunkenly, before settling in.”

“Well, I never thought bees slept in flowers, but it turns out that this species of bee (Diadasia diminuta) sleeps in orange flowers known as Globe Mallows.”

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