The Footage Is Heart-Melting As An Elephant Prevents Her Human From Going Into The River Alone

Elephant Nature Park

Elephants are one of the most endearing, friendly, and intellectual animals on the planet. Even if they had a difficult start, their ability to love is unaffected. They will undoubtedly be the sweetest creatures on the planet if they are raised in the love and care of people.

Elephant Nature Park

In this story, Faa Mai, a 9-year-old elephant, is an example. Lek Chailert, the founder of Elephant Nature Park (ENP), and the fun and charming girl form a deep bond

Elephant Nature Park

Faa Mai is a sanctuary resident who was born and raised there. Mae Bua Tong, her mother, was rescued from the tourism sector in 2005 and discharged at ENP. Eight times a day, she was compelled to transport tourists up and down the mountain. Thankfully, she was released free and spent her days at the sanctuary relaxing.

Elephant Nature Park

Chailert and Faa Mai have a special bond, and Faa Mai enjoys her embraces and lullabies. The elephant never lets her best companion escape her sight — or her clutch.

Elephant Nature Park

And this time, the happy animal was having a good time in the muck when she spotted her pal. Are you able to figure out what she does? With a trunk full of dirt, she gladly came over to hug her human. Chailert’s hair and face were plastered with muck as a result.

Chailert To wash up, I had to go down to the neighboring river. Faa Mai, on the other hand, was adamant about not letting her go. Following her companion into the river, the cheerful elephant massaged her with her trunk. Chailert’s entire body was covered with mud.

The elephant threw Chailert out of the river like a mother would her calf when she stepped out of it. Faa Mai was always checking to see if her human was okay. She was a compassionate and protective mother as well as a big sister. Who could possibly remain engaged in the presence of such a lovely, massive creature?


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