The Three Wattled Bellbird With Three Mustaches – A Unique Bird From Costa Rica

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I want you to take your ear buds out immediately!
And I swear, I am not kidding at all!!
Because today,
I am going to expose you to ONE OF THE LOUDEST birds ever found on earth!!!
And let me introduce this creature to you in its own style… OUT LOUD!!


(Disclaimer: Meanwhile you read this article, if you hear any ‘Bonk” sound, please kindly disregard it because in case you consider it at any cost, no longer I can ensure you that thereafter you would possess the place you are sitting right now!)
And soon, you will know WHY!!

Who is Three Wattled Bellbird in the eye of the scientists?

Photo credit : [IG]@moens.michael

Under the Genus of Procnias, there are several species in the specie list of the Bellbird. They are namely, Procnias albus, Procnias averano, Procnias nudicollis and Procnias tricarunculatus. All of these species belong to the family of Cotingidae, under the genus of Procnias. They are all known also as ‘Araponga’. Further, in common, they have all been restricted to tropical areas or humid forest regions, especially where there are low mountains available.

Further, these four species have separate nick names that you may find ironical too.
Procnias albus is called ‘White Bellbird’, Procnias averano is called ‘Bearded Bellbird’, Procnias nudicollis is called ‘Bare-throated bellbird’ and finally the Procnias tricarunculatus is called the ‘Three Wattled Bellbird’. And in case you have noticed, in common all these fellows are known as ‘Bellbirds’. Doesn’t it ring a bell?!!
Keeping rest of all the other colleagues aside for another day, today let’s start a chit-chat with the most glorious fellow of the gang: the Three Wattled Bellbird!!

How does the Three Wattled Bellbird look like?

Photo credit : [IG]@takanagaphotogallery

The Three Wattled Bellbird grows between 25 cm (9.8 inches) to 30 cm (12 inches) long. And as it seems, the nature has been bit unfair in creating the female Bellbird. Because, the nature has retrenched many features in creating the girly bird, compared to the male Three Wattled Bellbird. No offense, but she is not that attractive compared to Three Wattled Bellbird and unlike the other species, it is really difficult to recognize that they belong to the same variance if you have no prior knowledge on this. The male and the female Three Wattled Bellbirds have that much intensively different appearances.
The female Bellbirds in this species are smaller and they do not inherit the wattle. They have a different color compared to male. Their upper part of the body is olivaceous and the margins of the feathers are yellowish. Males are bright chestnut rufous with striking white colored head, neck, upper breast and the upper back. And they have dark round eyes. And the most astonishing part is, the male Three Wattled Bellbird is a sententious fellow with an outstanding moustache. This has become kind of an unusual one, due to it being a three long black wattle hanging from the base of the bill.

Even though the scientists have not found a specific purpose behind this little guy’s moustache, it has made him look like a shorty, old, angry grandpa keeps shouting at lads next door for vanishing his garden, which he kept nurturing for over months !
Just kidding !!
But for sure, Three Wattled Bellbird is kind of a bad tempered guy.
And this gifted moustache?!
Duh, it seems to have worsened it more. Hasn’t it?!

Distribution of the Three Wattled Bellbird

The Three Wattled Bellbird is found in Western Hondruras south to eastern Panama. As per the researches denote, they breed in the highlands in Costa Rica and after that, they return back to their usual habitats in lower elevations. And their habitations are more likely to be located near to larger forest blocks, where there are fruits and vines available adequately for them to lead their life.

What about the behavior of the Three Wattled Bellbird

Photo credit : [IG]@juanpucci

Three Wattled Bellbird is a completely frugivorous specie. It usually swallows the fruits. And the most favourite fruit of this fellow is avocado which is a specific kind of the family of Lauraceae. And he is not that visible to the ground dwellers as he is calling from among the high canopy. And he is defensive for its favourite perches and drives other birds away, in case it finds them perching on it.

What about his mating rituals?

Three Wattled Bellbird is popular for its weird rituals in mating.
And this is kind of a funny incident that would make you laugh!
Their mating season comes March to September. And during the courtship, where the male bird is calling on for the consent from the female, what it does first is perching on a higher branch near the female. And then, he starts sneaking up behind the female. Thereafter, it quietly approaches the female and opens its mouth with a “BONK” sound that has mentioned prior at the beginning of the article. And the Three Wattled Bellbird is so much that clever in this, that the female bellbird falls off the branch where it was sitting!
And this happens several times in a sequence and then only the courtship will be fulfilled!
Even though the male Three Wattled Bellbird keeps toiling in terms of the courtship, nesting is done by the female bird all alone. Female departs and builds the nest and raises the chicks alone by herself. And in building the nest, she makes sure to hide it to provide the utmost security for the eggs. Therefore, the nests are structured with loosely woven twigs of about 20 cm long and make sure to place it in thick patches of vegetation for not drawing attention. Around one to two eggs are laid at a season. Incubation lasts for around 17 to 19 days and usually the nesting period leads up to 20 to 30 days.

Why Three Wattled Bellbird is important for the eco system?

There is no debate that each and every specie living on the earth is important for the eco system and the bio diversity. But the Three Wattled Bellbird plays a specific role for the continuous growth of the eco system it exists.
The Three Wattled Bellbird is considered as ‘the most effective disperser of Lauraceae seed’!
The favourite diet of the Three Wattled Bellbird is the Lauraceae fruit. And when they have their meal, they tend to take the fruits to their favourite perch for enjoying. And as a result, the Lauraceae seeds are also dispersed far away from the mother tree. And sometimes, they also drop fruits that are oversized. Eventually, all these seeds accumulated through the Bellbirds, help the continuity of the forestation.
Thus, these frisky fellows thereby pursue us to call them ‘Voluntary Forestry Experts’!

Why his song is very popular?

Usually, the Three Wattled Bird are not that visible to the forest dwellers.
But still, they are very popular among everyone around!
How is it even possible?!
It is simply because this little Three Wattled Bellbird is good at not only forestry, but also in marketing. His voice is known as a medium of advertising himself among the folks!
Even though he is being secretive, still he advertises himself through his loud voice and never lets others forget his presence! And even though this bird is known as ‘Bellbird’, his voice is actually familiar to a ‘BONK’ sound. And that is renowned as one of the loudest sounds in the bird world. And when he bonks, he can open its beak until 180 degrees, so that the underside of its beak touches its chest!!
And they use this BONK sound not only in the courtship, but also they use it in terms of driving away their intruders as well. And as per the disclaimer has stated, we, ‘NeonLad’, take no responsibility over any circumstance, if you fall off the chair, hearing this BONK sound!!
The Three Wattled Bellbird will do anything to defend its favourite perch!
How can we predict that he won’t love your chair as well?!!
Until he peeps behind you and BONK, we never know!!!

Protection status of the Three Wattled Bellbird

Photo credit : [IG]@takanagaphotogallery

Unfortunately, the Three Wattled Bellbird has been recognized as a vulnerable specie which is closer to extinction. They face habitat loss due to deforestations mostly. And as per the researches denote, most of the habitats of theirs have been cleared due to the agricultural expansions.
It is pathetic, that in the world of animals, no matter if it is one of the loudest agitators, still it has no means to raise its voice to convince the mankind on the loss of their habitats!
And until now, every time you hear birds cheeping, you might have thought that they keep singing happily. But what if they keep pledging us to save their lives?!!
It is time for us to question ourselves!
Are we going to further pretend like we never hear them weeping, until they become dwelt among the untrodden dead ends forever…?!!

Fun facts…!!

However, Three Wattled Bellbird holds many striking abilities which are yearned by the human husbands. According to my forecast, after reading this article, almost every husband would start dreaming about being a Three Wattled bellbird,
With a nice moustache!
A striking look!!
And most of all, the ability to BONK!
By then, no longer there will be continuous arguments and disputes with the wife!
Every damn time she gets bad tempered, all you have to do is just, BONK…!!
And my dear gorgeous ladies… Never fall for it…!


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