Teddy The Shetland Pony – Story of Celebrity of Goring Garden

Photo credit : [IG]@teddytheshetland

Today we are going to talk about a pony! And this is not a regular pony!

Before you ask me why, first think of your Instagram account and whisper yourself the number of followers you have?!

Okay now, let me tell you why this pony creature is extraordinary!!

It’s simply because the creature to which we are going to draw your attention today, has over 150,000 followers on Instagram!!

Whoa whoa whoa…!!

There is absolutely no time for self-abasements!

Instead, why don’t you just spare some time to get to know some tips from this amazing creature to amount some more followers to your Instagram account as well…?!!

First, as a grounding,

Who is This Pony?

The creature namely, “Teddy the Pony” belongs to a breed called Shetland pony. They entitled this name due to this specie being originated from the Shetland Islands in Scotland. And this specie is well known as child pets due to its amazing ability to approach kids affectionately. Therefore, they are most often taken to United States as a riding horse suitable for children. They are known as a gentle creature who demand a little care. Further, an average Shetland pony grows up to 102 cm (40 inches) and their maximum height is 117 cm. Therefore, they are easy to be handled by children.

And among all these other ponies, our little fellow is kind of a cuddly angel whom I can assure you, that no matter you are a kid or an adult, there is no chance for you not to fall in love with this adorable baby!!

It’s about Teddy’s Family!!

This nice little angel has been raised by its owner Alice Goring, when this creature was only 5 months old. And Alice Goring has had no intention of raising a celebrity oriented pet. Along with his sister: Molly, his only desire was to raise a pony as a companion for his four horses in events. As Alice was the owner of Surrey-Based Event Rider Alice Goring, he wanted this adorable creature only to walk with the giant horses available in his surrey.

At the moment of fetching Teddy home, Alice would have never thought that he was bringing an International Heartbreaker with him from the Pinglewood Stud!

How Teddy the Pony Dominated the Instagram?

Photo credit : [IG]@teddytheshetland
Alice had not been an expert on Instagram. But fortunately, one day he has noticed his little cousins posting on their Guinea Pigs on Instagram platform. The inspiration came from nowhere. In fact, both Alice and Molly agreed that Teddy is cute more than enough for this and by then, they have created the Instagram account @teddytheshetland for this little creature, opening the gateway for this comfy creature to approach the hearts of you and me!

And according to Alice, Teddy who has won the love and affection of almost everyone around has grown the number of followers easily with its sparkle. Meanwhile, he has been able to grab the attention of the pages such as Unilad and Buzzfeed as well. Moreover, according to Alice, he has been concerned on not overlapping his personal Instagram account with Teddy’s one and posted the photos of Teddy itself through his account.

And by today, with his outstanding poses and adorable appearance, he has been recognized as an Instagram celebrity and an influencer as well. Usually, he works with a variety of equestrian brands, horse shows and racecourses. And particularly by today, he has been busy working for worlds’ leading brands such as Amazon, Penguin Books and Paramount Pictures too!

Why Teddy the Pony is This Much Special?

Beyond simply being away from the superficial “Aww… so cute” look, Teddy the Pony possesses many more qualities inside. Despite the fact that it is simply an animal, it has exhibited many heart touching behaviors loved by people and animals surprisingly!

Teddy is not just an influencer or a celebrity on Instagram. He is also a good boy who has a pleasant personality that makes everyone delighted. He usually attends charity work regularly. One of his favorite charity work is visiting the local children’s hospice Shooting Star Chase. He has started this when he was just 2 years old and children of the hospice adore him so much! And flip side of the story, our little angel also never forgets to adore them back!!

And if you go visit him, he will never forget to welcome you with a nice neigh. And if you show him that you love staying with him sitting, he would come and sit next to you, making you comfortable to be around. And most specially, if you keep ignoring him, this mischievous kiddie would show you that it’s unfair to be treated that way by keep yawning too!

Moreover, he is kind for other animals too, specially the baby animals. One of his favorite is ducklings. And he loves foals and puppies as well. He loves being around them and always make sure not to hurt them even by chance!

He is a therapy horse too! Therefore, he knows who needs his rays of smile and who needs his companion. And with no conditions applied, he performs his duty. Every day in his life goes on, getting to know many new friends. He is such an extrovert and loves meeting new people. And sometimes, there are even lipstick marks on his body which stain for weeks. Therefore, we’re afraid that we cannot assure, that this fashionable individual who much concerns on its stylish hair would prefer you kissing him with lipstick on that much!

Most Ironically,

Photo credit : [IG]@teddytheshetland
As it reports, there are some people who keep requesting Teddy to come show up in the Radio. And his proud owner: Alice is still in the maze of how Teddy would present in a radio when Alice is the only person talking out of them!! (Fortunately!)

However, it says us that, for Teddy’s fans, Teddy is felt not simply as a speechless animal!

For them, he is a bulk of feelings, wrapped in a pony-like package….!


And by now, I hope that it’s clear for you the reason behind the tremendous number of followers who have been extremely mesmerized for the sparkle to this creature!!

And finally, just in case, I asked Teddy the exact reason behind his extreme fame.

And well… he told me,

“Yo hooman, I is a International Heartbreaker!!” imprinting his lasting smile in my heart…!


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