Meet The Cute Wally, The Bunny With The Biggest Wing-Like Ears


Have you guys ever seen a bunny with ears bigger than its face? The answer is probably a no. So, let me introduce you to Wally, a bunny with huge but cute ears. Wally lives in Massachusetts, USA with his owner Molly, and he is what others may refer as a English Angora pet bunny. The most significant thing about Wally the Bunny is, he has ears that resembles wings of an angle. Recently Molly made Wally go viral on Instagram using a funny haircut on him and posting some really clever and hilarious commentary.

Cute animals is a thing that people never gets tired of watching, right? People started loving Wally immediately. Oh! He was born in July 2014 and his zodiac sign is Cancer. These cute little bunnies are a breed that’s been with humans for a long time. Simply, they are one of the oldest types of domestic rabbits. English Angora pet bunnies are quite well known for their soft and long hair.

These English Angora pet rabbits were first bred in Ankara (now called as Turkey) and became quite famous pet in 18th century France. It is said that these bunnies have wools that are softer than the cashmere wools (a type of goat wools). They look like puppies or fluffy teddy bears aren’t they? That is one reason for them to become so popular as a pet.


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