Man Surprised To Find A Bear Relaxing In Jacuzzi, Drinks His Margarita Then Naps


Mark Hough, our protagonist in this story, decided to enjoy a margarita in his backyard on a completely normal day (at least that is what he thought it was going to be). It was the time a total stranger entered and bothered Mark, who was chilling with his drink at the moment. The stranger was a BEAR!

So I got up, looked over in the bushes and lo and behold there’ a bear climbing up over my fence.” said Mark.

This wild guest of ours intentionally ignored whatever he had to do that day and decided to join Mark to have some fun.

Like any of us would do in a situation like this, Mark went inside the house for his own safety. He was a little bit panicked first but then slowly realized that this stranger will cause no harm. Then he peeked and took a good look at the bear and then proceeded to capture him on camera otherwise nobody would believe him.

When Mark captured the Bear, he was enjoying the comfortability of Mark’s jacuzzi. You can see it clearly in the footages how this bear enjoyed the hot tub. The bear didn’t stop from there, he then wanted to play with Mark’s chlorinator and thermometer but all he did was throw those up in the air.

According to Mark’s own words: “He was playing having a grand old time.”

After having fun time with the jacuzzi and other things, the bear decided to walk around for a while. He came over to where Mark was before and knocked down the Margarita accidentally.

It then got out of the hot tub and it “popped out of the bushes, walked right over to the margarita, knocked it over and lapped it.”

After having a bath and drinking up some margarita, the bear took a little nap. This is how Mark described it.

So he had his margarita, he had his Jacuzzi, and now he’s ready for a <…> nap,”

After a while, the bear got up and decided it is time to say farewell to his host. But Mark had to make some more Margaritas to make up to the waste.


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