Extremely Rare Albino Kangaroo Born At Australian Wildlife Sanctuary


At the Panorama Garden Estate, an Eastern grey kangaroo recently gave birth to a unique white kangaroo. On the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, the estate is a wildlife sanctuary.

Alex Coppel

Albino Kangaroos are usually a sight to behold. This unusual skin disorder affects around one of every 100,000 kangaroos. Cindy, an eastern grey kangaroo, gave birth to the joey, while Marloo, the father, is also an albino kangaroo.

Annemaree Van Rooy, the kangaroos’ owner, was the first to notice the white kangaroo’s head hanging out of the mother’s pouch.

Alex Coppel

Van Rooy told UNILAD, “The joey hasn’t been named yet because it only peeked its head out a few of weeks ago.” “She’ll be gone for a few weeks in the next month,” says the source.

While Albino Kangaroos are uncommon, they can be seen in large numbers at the wildlife refuge. “We have a herd of white kangaroos and albino kangaroos that dwell here on the sanctuary,” Van Rooy says.

Alex Coppel

Before the 2019 bushfire season, there were an estimated 50 million kangaroos in Australia, according to sources. According to those figures, there are just about 500 white kangaroos in the wild.

Furthermore, Albino Kangaroos might face a variety of challenges in the wild. To begin with, their poor eyesight makes hunting considerably more difficult. Furthermore, this issue may make it difficult to find a partner.

Van Rooy and her husband own the Panorama Garden Estate. Surprisingly, the estate is currently home to a number of Albino Kangaroos.

Alex Coppel

“Right now, there are roughly nine in the mob, a mix of white and albino,” Van Rooy remarked. “They are really unusual and distinctive.”

Thankfully, the proprietors claim that the kangaroos will be able to live in their refuge as they would in the wild. Last but not least, let’s hope the white kangaroo stays healthy!



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