11 Forbidden Places Around the World That No Man Dare Visit

11 Forbidden Places Around the World That No Man Dare Visit

The world is teeming with breathtaking sights and phenomena that evoke awe and wonder. From majestic waterfalls to vast deserts, there’s something to captivate everyone.

However, some of the most intriguing wonders are shrouded in secrecy, hidden from public view. Whether it’s concealed rooms or mysterious islands, stringent laws and restrictions make these places off-limits to people like us. The message is clear: STAY AWAY… OR ELSE! Discover 11 forbidden places you’ll only ever hear about:

1. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican


An independent state within a city, the Vatican is nestled in the heart of the City of the Seven Hills. Renowned for its magnificent cathedrals and palaces, it serves as the epicenter of the Catholic Church and the residence of its spiritual leader, the Pope. Yet, beneath these stunning structures lies a hidden world of secrets—archives, state papers, correspondence, account books, and numerous significant documents that the church keeps tightly guarded. Only a select few highly qualified scholars have ever been granted access to these enigmatic rooms.

2. North Sentinel Island, India


This island in India’s Andaman Islands is renowned for its untouched beauty but is also home to fiercely hostile native tribes. These tribes strictly avoid any contact with the outside world and are known to have killed intruders. As a result, access to this island is strictly forbidden.

3. Surtsey, Iceland


Touted as one of the youngest islands in the world, Surtsey, located in the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago off Iceland’s southern coast, emerged from a major volcanic eruption that lasted an incredible four years. Access to this island is restricted to a select group of scientists who study its unique ecological development.

4. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway


Located a mere 1,300 kilometers south of the North Pole, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a highly secure seed bank. It houses a vast collection of plant seeds, serving as duplicate samples or “spare” copies of seeds from global gene banks. In the event of a regional or global agricultural crisis, this seed bank stands ready to provide vital resources. Currently, it safeguards over 1 million seeds, with the capacity to hold over 4.5 million.

5. Metro 2, Russia


In ancient times, castles had secret tunnels for hiding, escaping, or keeping things concealed from public view. Modern-day Russia harbors a similar secret with Metro 2—a clandestine underground system running parallel to Moscow’s official metro. Known by the codename D-6, this hidden network was constructed during the Stalin regime to link key governmental and administrative institutions.

6. Coca-Cola Vault, Georgia, US

CocaCola Company

It may not be the most thrilling place in the world, but it is certainly well-guarded. Buried deep beneath the World of Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, lies the Coca-Cola vault, which securely holds the secret recipe for one of the world’s most iconic beverages.

7. Snake Island, Brazil


Ilha da Queimada, or Snake Island, is infamous for being home to thousands of snakes, including one of the most venomous in the world—the Golden Lancehead Viper. Its venom is so potent it can melt human flesh with a single bite. Locals claim there are five snakes per square meter on this island, most of them deadly. For safety reasons, the Brazilian government has banned all visitors and tourism to this perilous island.

8. North Brother Island, New York, US


With a rather peculiar history, North Brother Island in the US stands as one of the most renowned “forbidden places” globally. Initially established as a quarantine hospital after the discovery of the first American carrier of typhoid fever, the island has remained off-limits ever since. Today, it serves as a thriving habitat for various bird species.

9. Dulce Base, New Mexico, US


Though not substantiated, sources allege that the Dulce Base harbors human-animal hybrids, human-alien hybrids, and highly advanced technologies. Located near Colorado, Dulce is a quaint town with only 2,600 residents and minimal outside visitors. Rumors of giant underground facilities and purported unimaginable experiments at the base often deter curious visitors.

10. Heard Island, Australia

HeardIsland Expedition

Volcanoes stand as both captivating wonders of nature and harbingers of enduring destruction. Heard Island ranks among the most secluded places globally due to its significant volcanic activity. Housing two active volcanoes, this island is predominantly composed of limestone and accumulated debris from centuries of eruptions.


The tomb of China’s first Emperor and the founder of the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang, stands as one of the most elusive sites globally. Crafted by the tomb builders, its intricate network of caverns is said to house treasures for the emperor’s afterlife. However, the Chinese government has firmly forbidden any excavation of the tomb out of respect for the emperor’s journey into the afterlife.