What’s Next for Salmon Recovery — The Nature Conservancy in Washington



Washingtonians care about salmon, and thanks in part to the conversations driven by the tribes, legislators, and advocates who built the Lorraine Loomis Act, the state Legislature is putting forth substantial investments into salmon recovery this year. With over $164 million proposed for salmon in the Senate’s budget, we’re hopeful that the legislature will meet the moment and give salmon the support they need.

From riparian restoration projects, fish passage barrier removal and watershed health, to program assessments and green infrastructure projects, proposed investments for salmon health are broad in their impact, and deserve to make it to the finish line next week. Below are a few of the highlights. 

Empowering riparian stewardship

Trees and plants planted along the water’s edge help mitigate rising temperatures and provide critical habitat function, but many of our riparian zones are too degraded to support salmon. Targeted investments for their restoration are key, but these programs must recognize the need for flexibility, robust incentives and cost-share provisions to help landowners make these necessary changes.


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