Weather in Canada: Heavy Snowfall Causes Reduced Visibility; Travel Disruptions Expected to Continue Until Christmas



According to a recent report, significant travel disruptions would persist until Christmas. In addition, many airlines decided to cancel all flights on Tuesday due to the weather conditions with heavy snow and reduced visibility.

 Montreal, Quebec on January 17, 2022

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Montreal, Quebec on January 17, 2022

The early week for many passengers would be chaotic because of delayed flights and cancellations.

The Reuter’s recent weather report showed that the strong winter affects portions of Pacific Canada. In the United States, it is expected that a snowstorm or winter storm could impact millions of Americans, causing massive travel delays and holiday disruption.

As many Canadians prepared for Christmas and the Holiday, they would find the heavy snowfall challenging, which could last until the end of Christmas.

Reuters reported that the Vancouver International Airport said significant travel cancellations due to the weather conditions. Crews began clearing the airfield.

Heavy snow and reduced visibility are the main issues for the cancellation of flights. Those without a car must endure the slowed commutes due to the current weather. Meanwhile, slick and slippery roads are problematic for many road travelers.

The report advised travelers that flights would be significantly impacted, anticipating potential flight delays and cancellations until the week. Reuters added that over 200 flights were canceled, while 67 were delayed.

Recently, Canada issued snowfall warnings and the region’s cold to freezing temperatures are noticeable. The advisories explained that travel hazards could emerge while reminding residents to stay warm as cold weather could result in health risks.

US weather

On the other hand, people in the United States also suffered from significant travel delays. According to reports, the U.S. experienced blizzard conditions, tornadoes and heavy snow as the Christmas Season came near.

Some of the United States reported experiencing poor to good travel outlooks from Thursday to Friday. It is expected that the weather conditions could add more stress to many travelers planning to enjoy the Holiday with their families.

Travel preparations during the early Christmas Season

The latest travel forecast reported that travel conditions could become challenging for many travelers planning this Christmas. The forecast noted that significant travel delays could persist until the Christmas season.

Weather forecasts and airline advisories advised travelers to check the weather forecasts and road advisories before departing or traveling. Delayed cancellation of flights could emerge due to the weather conditions.

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Meanwhile, those on the road should be careful driving because the weather could be extremely dangerous. It is best to travel slowly or stop in a safe place when the weather becomes severe.

For people planning to travel by air, booking earlier could be recommendable because of the weather conditions. If you could travel as early as possible and avoid the Christmas rush, it would save you time and inconvenience. Checking the travel outlook could give you insights into potential delays.

Because the weather is very cold, it is important to wear the appropriate winter clothes covering your body. If possible, staying at home would be advisable because the temperature outside could be challenging. If your family plans an outdoor activity, check the weather because some places could be prone to heavy snow.

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