Warmest Temperate in UK May Soar to “Above Average” Levels Up to 18C in Second Half of April



Maps now pinpoint the precise time when temperatures will be “above average,” as predicted by the Met Office for the second half of April.

The UK is about to have its first taste of springtime with some warmer weather. Jim Dale, a meteorologist, predicts that this weekend’s highs could reach 18C.

The southeast is likely to experience the hottest temperatures if his predictions come true since it may draw warmer air from the continent.

Rain in the west


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The majority of Britain will be fair this evening, although rain will be spreading from the west across northwest Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland, as per Sky News.

In contrast to Ireland, Northern Ireland, and northern and western Britain, central, southern, and eastern England will see mostly dry conditions over the course of the night, despite a rise in cloud cover.

Cloudy skies should prevent frost from developing south of the equator.

For the most part, tomorrow morning will be gloomy with scattered outbreaks of rain, although much of eastern England will stay dry, and rain will eventually give way to sunny spells and a few scattered showers in western areas of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

There will be a chilly wind in addition to temperatures similar to todays.

Central England will have rain later, although Ireland, Northern Ireland, and northwest Scotland will experience better sky and a few passing showers.

After a cloudy start in the east, most places will enjoy sunny intervals and possibly strong, thunderous showers on Thursday, however, Shetland may have continuous rain.

Although it will be a little colder in the west, temperatures will be comparable to those of recent days.

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Easter sizzler expected

According to Mr. Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, the weather is beginning to feel and look more like spring and summer, as per Express.

There is a tiny difference in where that center will be, but we are looking at temperatures between 17 and 18 degrees Celsius, or even 19 degrees. But, it may be colder to start at 13 to 14 degrees.

There will be a lot of dry weather in the future; you may compare it to a sumo summer.

Going beyond Easter, WXCHARTS’s weather maps show that the mercury will begin to rise on Monday, March 17, with double-digit temperatures continuing the previous week.

Highs of 14C are anticipated for London and the south-eastern counties of Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, and Sussex during the day, with temperatures dropping at dusk.

But, Mr. Dale notes that even if temperatures will rise, there will still be a “mixed” time after Easter when different weather conditions will be felt all across the country.

It would be generally dry after a period of unsettled weather, he said. His forecasts are in line with those of the Met Office, which predicts additional rain from April 9 to April 19.

Continuing to be dry elsewhere, with a little possibility of solitary light showers in the south.

Temperatures that are ordinary or slightly above average, with light winds, but with northwesterly winds picking up and making it seem cooler.

From mid-April on, it continues: Dry, settled conditions with light winds are most expected in the southern and eastern sections.

Nonetheless, there will probably be higher cloud cover in the northern and western regions, increasing the likelihood of wetter and windier weather.

Temperatures are most likely to be near average or just above average at this time.

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