US Weather Forecast: Warm Weather to Return for Eastern Half of the Country as Cold Airmass Moderates [NWS]


Warm weather is set to return for the eastern half of the United States this week as previously dominant cold airmass in the region moderates, according to the forecast of the National Weather Service (NWS).

In the coming hours and days, warmer temperatures are expected to gradually form in some states across the East Coast, including New York and Florida.

The latest US weather forecast comes after the country experienced a combination of rainy conditions, fire weather, and even severe thunderstorms over the past several weeks. The looming warm weather also arrived following scorching temperatures and heatwaves from the previous summer season. While the nation is currently in its fall season, summer-like temperatures are still possible.

Warm Weather Forecast in Eastern US

Warm Weather

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In its new short-range forecast on Tuesday, October 17, the NWS stated a warming trend is developing for the eastern half of the US as an expansive cold front or colder airmass starts to dissipate over the region.

Under the forecast, below-normal temperatures that have been felt in areas from the central to the eastern parts of the country will “gradually moderate.”

The NWS explains that the return of warmer temperatures in the eastern US is due to a pressure ridge that is moving in an eastward direction to reach the East Coast later on Wednesday, October 18. This will allow a reservoir of warm air above the western US to reach into the Great Plains, according to the weather service.

The eastern US warm weather event coincides with the warm and dry air lingering in the western US and the presence of rainy conditions in the Pacific Northwest, as also mentioned by the US weather agency.

The said NWS forecast is valid until Thursday, October 19, but can still be changed or updated with little or without warning.

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Hot Weather Hazards

Warmer temperatures mentioned by the NWS do not entail the recurrence of a regional or nationwide heatwave, as seen during the previous US summer season from June to August. However, health hazards relating to the return of warm weather or hot weather are still possible.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the following below are some of the hot weather hazards:

  •  Sun burn
  •  Heat exhaustion
  •  Heat cramps
  •  Heat stroke
  •  Heat rash
  •  Dehydration

Meanwhile, experts also warn that hot weather can cause the heat-related or heat illnesses due to a combination of heat exposure, high humidity, rising body heat, and other factors.

Just recently, Arizona’s Maricopa County officials have confirmed 361 heat-related deaths as of October 7, while 238 other cases are being investigated. The deaths reportedly occurred following the county’s “hottest summer on record,” as described by officials.

Last week, US weather authorities also issued a fire weather alert for Texas and Kansas, posing not only health hazards but also the risk of wildfires.

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