The Urgency of Updating the Growth Management Act — The Nature Conservancy in Washington



As the climate changes, so should we. Thirty years ago, Washington state passed the Growth Management Act (GMA) to help our cities and counties accommodate rapid growth, while protecting what makes the Evergreen state a great place to live: working farms, healthy rivers and forests, vibrant cities, and a beautiful, mountainous rural landscape. 

Today, Washington state faces a different landscape than it did 30 years ago. Record-setting heatwaves, devastating flooding, and more severe and frequent wildfires have shown us that climate change is at our doorstep. As we continue to reduce carbon emissions, we also must ensure we’re supporting building communities that are prepared to face our new climate reality. This year, the state Legislature has the chance to do just that by passing a crucial update to the GMA: HB 1099

Our Environmental Priorities Coalition partner Futurewise has been leading the charge on passing this bill, which promises to provide strong protections for vulnerable communities in the face of climate change, while ensuring we have sustainable solutions in place to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. It does this through a comprehensive approach to build resilient communities—from flood protection to transit, and clean water to wildfire prevention.


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