Small Mug Helps Drink Clean Water from Creeks By Killing Bacteria Cells With Electricity


With the growing problems of drinking clean water, the latest research revealed a helpful small mug that can help people drink clean water from streams and creeks, especially during disasters and extreme weather events.

Water problems have been a critical issue for environmentalists and scientists, finding an efficient solution to unveil new technologies.

Intense heat, severe drought and extreme weather events can affect the water supply to communities. In the United States, the prolonged lack impacted the major reservoirs and lakes.

The UNICEF report revealed that about 844 million people had no access to drinking water. Poor sanitation services or facilities can put people at risk, especially children.

According to the research published in ACS Nano, researchers emphasized the importance of portable water treatment systems during extreme weather events.

Mug helps to drink clean water from streams or creeks

Drinking water

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Drinking water. The latest research showed a vital solution to clean drinking water, especially during disasters and extreme weather events. A water-purifying small mug can become helpful for drinking clean water from creeks by killing bacteria cells with electricity. 

In the report published by the University of Texas at Austin and, researchers developed a significant idea to help communities drink clean water during calamities.

The report highlighted that the mug-sized device could help purify the drinking water. Electricity jolt can kill the bacterial cells of water from creeks and streams.

The initiative began when powerful storms hit parts of Texas, which caused widespread power outages and water problems. The project can become critical to communities suffering from extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) noted about two billion people worldwide suffer from microbial contamination of water.

WHO report said climate change is also a factor affecting water supplies to communities.

Meanwhile, the study’s lead, D. Emma Fan, explained that they managed to clean the water. The report said that they used electric fields to capture bacterial cells.

  •  Fan serves as an associate professor at Cockrell School of Engineering’s Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Fan added that devices for clean water are essential with little energy cost. When water facilities are down, people can safely get water from streams or rivers using the device.

Furthermore, the report added that the device costs less than $2 with the graphite foam. The electric field helps to kill the E.coli and bacterial cells. Read more about the device here.

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Why water is important amidst extreme heat

The National Weather Service’s (NWS) latest advisories showed that dangerous and oppressive heat continued in parts of the United States, causing increased fire risk and health risks.

Staying hydrated is essential to keep healthy from the scorching summertime. Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, drinking water is vital to human health.

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Did you know?

According to WHO, people could suffer health risks if contaminated waters are contaminated. The report showed that about 368 million people collect water from unprotected springs or wells.

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