Opening Horizons Between Antiquity and Today at Melbourne Museum | October 2023 (127.4)


The exhibition Open Horizons: Ancient Greek Journeys and Connections at Melbourne Museum explored stories of ancient and modern journeys. Featuring ancient artifacts on loan from the National Archaeological Museum in Athens as well as photographs from Melbourne Museum’s own collection which illustrated the history of Greek migration to Australia in more recent centuries, the exhibition invited its viewers to consider the impact of travel of both objects and people on how ideas spread. On display in April–August 2022, exploring this subject at this time had particular significance given most people’s recent experiences with lockdowns and difficult travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the exhibition touched on complex themes such as colonization in the ancient Mediterranean and the resonance of the term to a contemporary audience. Although this could have been explored in more detail in this space, the organizers should be commended for starting the conversation so that many more can follow. A beautiful display and a wide variety of objects, coupled with materials directly relevant to its Australian setting, made this exhibition a worthwhile visit.

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