One Million Trees — The Nature Conservancy in Washington



Trees and green infrastructure have the potential to have a big impact within a community–including on human well-being and the environment according to a new video about the Greening Research in Tacoma project (GRIT).

According to the Tacoma Tree Foundation, the city of Tacoma has a goal of getting from 20 percent tree cover to 30 percent. That would mean planting a million trees.

The Tacoma Mall neighborhood in Tacoma, Washington currently has one of the lowest tree canopy covers in the city and limited green infrastructure. The community, partner organizations and the city are working to shift this through planting trees and other actions. The Greening Research in Tacoma project is an effort to understand how this increased greening impacts the temperature and human well-being within the neighborhood. This is a unique collaboration between the Tacoma Tree Foundation, The Nature Conservancy in Washington, the University of Washington, and the City of Tacoma.


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