Meet Molly Bogeberg, Marine Conservation Manager! — The Nature Conservancy in Washington



Molly Bogeberg is a Marine Conservation Manager with The Nature Conservancy in Washington. She came to TNC as a Sea Grant Marc Hershman Marine Policy Fellow in 2014 after completing a M.S in Environmental Science at Washington State University. Molly’s work at TNC has covered a wide range of topics including coastal sea level rise and resiliency planning, derelict crab pot removal, aquaculture, and fisheries. Since 2017, Molly has also been working with a team to monitor and continue restoring TNC’s Port Susan Bay estuary preserve. While much of her workday is spent managing projects over email and Zoom, what she loves most about her work is time spent out of the office meeting with community members and time in the field. Molly is happiest when found covered in mud after a day on a shellfish farm or in the marsh with partners or co-workers! Outside of work, Molly enjoys hiking to see wildflowers in the spring and summer and skijoring with her dog, Sasha, in the winter.


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