Mama Bear & Cub, and More, at Ellsworth Creek Preserve — The Nature Conservancy in Washington



As we shared a couple months back, TNC Conservation Ecologist Maia Murphy-Williams has been leading a study to better understand how mammals are using the patchwork forest landscape of our “living laboratory” at Ellsworth Creek Preserve. She and a team of University of Washington undergraduate students are using 31 motion-detecting wildlife cameras in the study to observe animals in their natural habitat in a non-invasive, low-impact way.

Just recently, Maia and team checked on the cameras and discovered a wealth of endearing, charismatic footage. Below, you’ll find the young of the year with a black bear mother and her cub meandering through the forest, an elk scratching some itches, and a bobcat pausing for a mid-night stretch, all in early June—all were too good not to share:


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