Empowering Farmers as Conservation Leaders — The Nature Conservancy in Washington



Washington state abounds with lots of greenery and rich soils, making us an important agricultural producing state. Our state is the leading producer of apples, and produces a large portion of wheat, potatoes, berries, and dairy and beef for the U.S. As we continue to preserve our natural lands and resources, we look toward farmers, who are some of the most involved stewards of the lands, in combating the effects of climate change and leading conservation efforts.

For our state to reach our climate and conservation goals, it will take a coalition of individuals, businesses, agricultural workers, and community leaders to dive into and facilitate our recovery. Investments that recognize the role farmers have in restoring our lands will provide an all encompassing approach to reaching our climate and habitat goals. As state legislators consider hundreds of millions in funding to protect and restore riparian habitat — the trees and plants along riverbanks that are critical to healthy water quality, river function and temperature for salmon — we’re excited to see recognition for the vital voluntary contribution farmers and other private landowners make in conservation and earmarked funds that aid their voluntary leadership.. The allocation of those funds will mainly appear in ongoing voluntary stewardship and restoration programs, climate disaster mitigation and resilience planning, and other grant programs. 


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