Congress Takes Action to Elevate Puget Sound Recovery — The Nature Conservancy in Washington



As the recent State of the Sound report notes, we have made great progress, but we still face significant challenges to restore a healthy, resilient Puget Sound.  The work ahead will require new approaches to old problems, cross-sector commitments from across our region, and strengthening the role of Tribal partners in recovery actions.  The challenges facing us are significant and will require difficult decisions, but together we can provide the vision and innovation that will be necessary for both people and nature to thrive. 

For more information about the wide variety of work that the PUGET SOS Act will support now and into the future:  

Puget Sound Federal Task Force Action Plan (2022-2026) 

Puget Sound Partnership Action Agenda (2022-2026) 

Featured image: Photo: Orca breaching near the San Juan Islands. Credit: Walt Kochan/TNC


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