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When it was just a bill, we worked alongside many partners and legislative champions advocating for the CCA to be as strong and equitable as possible. As the law takes effect this winter, we all — including you! — can continue to speak up to help it live up to its promise to communities across our state.

The Basics

The CCA provides three key pathways to meet our state’s goal of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050: 


The Cap & Invest program puts a declining cap on the emissions big businesses operating in Washington are allowed to emit each year. These businesses can buy or trade credits to exceed the cap temporarily, while working toward the same Net Zero goal by 2050. This program will raise revenue through the use of allowances, with limited flexibility for the use of both allowances and offsets.

What are allowances + offsets?

1 allowance = 1 metric ton of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions


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